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Electrosa Group

Electrosa Group is an Ontario based corporation established in 2006. Electrosa companies engaged in innovation, engineering, distribution and service of technology products and solutions in a variety of industries such as, Aerospace and Defense, Renewable Energy, Industrial Electronic Repair, IT, Surveillance and Alarm.

i-PASAS is a new development of Electrosa Group. i-PASAS is an Intelligent Parking Spot Automation System.

Electrosa owns the global distribution rights for Sensplorer Environmental Control Systems. Sensplorer monitors temperature, airflow, dry contacts, humidity, vibration, access, voltage, motion, relays and current. It is accessed through an IP network. A built-in web server presents the information collected by the system to outside users and/or servers.

Electrosa Security and Networking Systems is dedicated to fill all your IT and security needs while Electrosa Elektronik provides you highest standard in services for most industrial electronic devices and PCBs.

4Power is the future of renewable energy. All-in-one power generator drawing benefits from various energy sources and gathering many advantages in one machine. Efficiency, sustainability, space saving, being environment-friendly and many more.

We look far ahead to see and shape the future of technology. Our goal is to continuously find better ways to please our customers as well as our friends, families and the planet earth. This is our passion. This is the secret behind our state-of-art products and services.

We Believe In Fair Trade Business.