TegsoftPBX IP / TegsoftCC


Tegsoft was established in 2008 as a Telecommunication Software Development Company which focuses on developing IP PBX and Contact Center products.

The one-way “call” phenomenon that started with “Hello” in this very rapidly changing and developing market turned into a multi-channel, very capacious structure today.
The need goes far beyond just managing the incoming call or providing services through outbound calls. Contact Centers today are multi-channel communications points that deliver increasing sales performance, where web-based search and chat applications are managed using SMS-text, fax, email and social media channels. The important thing here is that the system can be managed as a customer-focused, time-and-space independent and solution-oriented contact point.

Unlike many international Call Center developer companies, Tegsoft has been providing web-based solutions in a modular structure from the very first beginning of development process.

In 2015, CIO Review Magazine searched for Call Center technology solution provider technology companies in a vast territory covering Europe, America and the Middle East. We are very proud to share that, Tegsoft was elected as one of the 20 Most Promising Contact Center Providers among over 500 companies with its innovative technologies and unrivaled customer experience.

Today, as Tegsoft, we are a leader in Web Based Call Center Software Provider with a local market share of 60%.

We have been working for 8 years only and only focusing on R&D. We are raising our overseas market targets each year and exporting “software” by the help of 25-language support and strong strategic partnerships.

We believe that; a properly designed Contact Center software is the key for a functioning accurately Contact Center.

A properly functioning Contact Center is an important source of income for the organization and also a symbol for reputation.

Why Tegsoft?

To become a point of contact which is;·

Customer focused

Working independently from time and space

Providing solutions based on productivity

Because as Tegsoft, 

Our expertise: Focusing R&D to develop innovative solutions according to the new trends in Contact Centers

Our Power: Our Technological Infrastructure

10+ years IVR and CTI Development Experience for Call Centers

5+ years Tegsoft IP PBX and Call Center Product Development

The infrastructure of Tegsoft products is prepared by choosing the most updated technologies and products. With the goal of providing high quality, hardware-independent structure; Tegsoft uses IBM DB2 as database, CentOS as Operating System and Enterprise Java as software development platform in its products.

Our Purpose: To make the right investment and ensure business continuity

Tegsoft delivers its products through trained and experienced authorized business partners. They are regularly trained in order to provide quality service with the aim of high customer satisfaction during the sales and after-sales service period.

Our difference: Our extensive network and sectoral expertise

Integration with national and international brands

Tegsoft has an extensive sales and support network with 8 Authorized Business Partners and over 100 Authorized Dealers,

450+ Customers

10.000+ Agents

25.000+ IP PBX Extensions

In a day, Manages over 1.000.000 call traffic

As Tegsoft Call Center product TegsoftCC works with TegsoftPBX infrastructure, it can work integrated with Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, LG-Ericsson, and Microsoft Skype for Business PBXs.

All Tegsoft products can be used in 25 different languages. 

Sector Based Tegsoft Solutions:

Insurance Sector

Uncompleted Process Reminder via IVR and TTS

Assigning Experts according to geographical location and expertise via Web-Service Integration and Progessive Dialer

Informing about file status changes via IVR channel

Health Sector

Automated appoinment systems integration

Blue code solution

Collection Management

Technical infrastructure design enables to increase the access rate of debtors

Corporate, Multi-side and Territory Management

Central IP switchboard Management

Supporting Geographical Redundancy


Customer identification and segmentation with integrated CRM